Costa Rica

A Yoga Vacation in Costa Rica have been a great hit with USA and Canadian residents, especially yoga vacations in the winter months.

We know the pluses and minuses of running a Yoga Retreat program, especially a Beach Retreat. The food and weather in Costa Rica are absolutely stunning in January and February and if timed right, a yoga vacation in the “off season” boasts better fares and less crowds on the beaches.

We welcome corporations looking for that special break for their employees to contact us to arrange a 5 day or week long Costa Rica Yoga vacation or retreat. We have several resorts and tour companies who can arrange that perfect memorable trip. Of course we will be there to provide you with the most relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We encourage groups of 6 or more to contact us to arrange your magical Yoga vacations in Costa Rica.

The mangos and papayas are both amazing and delicious!

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