Yoga Travel Tips

Learn Yoga Travel Tips for a Wellness Retreat – A Healing Journey of Self Awareness and Healing Yoga.

Sound Body Yoga has been leading retreats for over a decade. Over the years we know that the following Top 10 Ten Best Yoga Travel Wellness Retreat Tips have made all the difference in our clients’ experiences.

1. Bring a water bottle and make sure that you have sufficient water to remain hydrated throughout the retreat.
2. Find out well in advance about food and meal choices at the wellness retreat, especially if you have allergies or must eat certain food groups.
3. Bring along your own power bars and high energy snacks.
4. Know well in advance of the weather and temperature changes in the area and the bring appropriate clothing.
5. Bring along a partner preferably a spouse, sibling, or child – but when at the retreat make new bonds with the fellow attendees.
6. Avoid bringing along your phone and computer, instead bring your yoga mat.
7. Don’t forget any prescription medication and bring along bug repellant, after-bite and sunscreen if traveling to a tropical region.
8. Let the retreat leader know of any previous or existing medical conditions or injuries.
9. Find out well in advance about your accommodations, are you sharing and what the room includes.
10. Try not to go with any expectations, every wellness retreat is different, especially with the new group attending, dynamics and needs change. Usually you will be in for a great healing journey, a memorable experience of healing yoga.

Learn new Yoga Travel Tips for a Wellness Retreat, Healing Journey and for Healing Yoga.

We encourage you to review these Top 10 Ten Best Yoga Travel Wellness Retreat Tips before you embark on your Healing Journey.

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