Embark on a Yoga Retreat for Inner Healing with Freedom and Leela. The Yoga Retreats Implement Interpersonal Communication for Inner Growth.

We are a ┬áloving couple who are have a distinct, inherent desire to inspire and help fellow human beings cherish and enjoy their ‘original, authentic selves’ as a daily living experience. As professionals in the field of optimum body mind spirit connecting with the instinct-heart-gut, we are absolutely fulfilled when sharing our collective wisdom and experiences through Yoga Retreats for Inner Healing.

The Yoga Retreat creates a space for interpersonal communication, authentic communication with a focus on the acceptance of the whole self; and exercises for the body mind and breath which allow you to experience the feeling of living the deeper purpose of human existence – a space of tranquility, clear mindfulness and inner healing. The Yoga Retreats are designed for inner growth, to help you find your instinctive natural flow, and re-instate your inner and outer balance through genuine natural inspiration, instead of repeatedly experiencing the tribulations of unresolved goals and motivational dialogue.

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