Our Music

Our Online Yoga Music, Meditation Music combined with Breathing Practices and Meditation are perfect Ingredients for a Bhakti Yoga, Healing Music Program.

For the past 20 years we, Freedom and Leela, have been leading Yoga Music Retreat programs, Meditation Music and Healing Music Concerts and retreats at exotic locations around the globe. Our love for Bhakti Yoga Music has given us the opportunity to produce over 10 cd recordings of Kirtan, Chants and Sanskrit Mantras. Our retreats allow participants to express their inner emotions through the power of sounds, syllables and songs.

Our healing music and compositions allow you to feel more deeply connected with nature and humanity. It is indeed a joyful, relaxing, and healing experience to participate in a performance, music therapy session or retreat. Find out more about us Gobal Chants Yoga Music.

Our Yoga Music, Meditation Music and Bhakti Yoga events consist of Meditation and Healing Music.

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