Reap the Yoga Health Benefits at our Retreats – Enjoy Deep Breathing Exercises and Mind Body Healing – Get Connected with Your Physical Self, Feel Alive Again!

We are wellness retreat leaders that travel to your location or multi-locations to conduct a retreat. The retreat is conducted at a host’s choice location and we simply join you and conduct the retreat. You may join a retreat someone is hosting or you can get a group together yourself and host your own retreat. The host customizes the retreat to their needs deciding on the time, place, length, choice of topics and scheduling, and we come to you as  wellness instructors. We have a sample retreat format daily schedule that is typical for most clients from which you modify and a Wellness Menu for Life Change for you to choose the particular wellness subject areas you would like us to focus on. We show you the Time percentage allocation for Holistic Healing Retreats – typical amount of time spent on the particular topics we cover at most retreats. Our services include the following options, simply click on each to learn more about how we may serve you:

  1. Host or organize a retreat in your area.
  2. Join a group retreat at a particular destination.
  3. Resort sponsors a retreat for guests.
  4. Tour Operator looking to add a health or wellness component to your tours.

Yoga practice is divided into eight parts, the yoga health benefits of all paths of this practice are tremendous. Hatha Yoga is the first of the eight limbs and deals primarily with the physical body. When beginning your yoga journey we strongly suggest you ease into this lifestyle practice by first mastering the basic postures of yoga for beginners and breathing exercises.

Reap the yoga health benefits of deep breathing exercises and breathing exercises at our mind body healing retreats.

Practitioners and beginners of all styles of yoga are welcome at our Mind Body Healing Retreats.  The practice of interpersonal communication, deep breathing exercises and meditation exercises make our mind body healing retreats very powerful. The physical yoga sessions are offered in a hands-on style group format, there is always something new that is uncovered when a group of people are re-learning similar yoga positions. We often pair up individuals so the posture is fully grasped, corrected, memorized and can become part of your daily practice.

Come join us as a Deep breathing exercises and breathing exercises are powerful yoga health benefits.couple for a retreat and reap the life skills and yoga health benefits, it is a fantastic way for you to get a solid foundation on the basics and fundamentals of living life more harmoniously. It will also help prevent future injuries and unnecessary pain. Let’s build a relationship of trust.  It would be our pleasure to mentor you on your mind body healing journey.  See you at our next retreat!

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