Arusha Tanzania

Mens and Womens Yoga Retreat in Tanzania – Womens Wellness Retreats – Spiritual Retreats for Women and Men in Arusha, Join Us!

We believe that it is absolutely necessary to take “time off” once a year from your known daily routine of life, to connect with your inner spirit with like-minded individuals to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate. Come experience your inner magic at the upcoming Mens and Womens Wellness Retreats in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa. As your retreat leaders we will be there to follow our dream in nourishing the self and spirit with you.

We annually lead a 5 day spiritual retreat for women and men in Arusha, Tanzania, hosted by Dorobo Safaris; Mens and Womens Yoga Retreat in Tanzania; and Womens Wellness Retreats. We welcome you to join us for one of the upcoming retreats in 2012, if it is anything like the retreat in 2011, than it is definitely something you must not miss. We will be treated to new and exciting informative workshops, challenging body postures, interactive discussions, guided meditation techniques, fun and joyful yoga classes, and delicious lunch time meals.

Block off 5 days for yourself and pre-register for the entire retreat as each day you will experience a deeper and closer glimpse of your authentic self. The continuity and growth experienced with like-minded individuals in the consecutive days of practice is guaranteed to leave you with a profound positive impact. Spouses are encouraged to join their partners at the 2012 Arusha Yoga Retreat; why not take a weekend break together. We are mindful of work commitments, and as usual, drop-ins will always be welcome.

Join us for 5 days of fun-filled self-awareness interactive dialogue, meditation, breathing, asanas and chanting that will leave You feeling and looking new!

Who is the retreat best suited for? Everybody! Every body, regardless of age or abilities! The power of yoga is in the breath work and your spoken word, and we emphasize this time and again. It is not important that you be able to contort your body into all sorts of wild positions, just comfortably lean in the right direction, breathe, relax, and celebrate and watch the inner journey begin. Experience the magic!

Our Womens Yoga Retreat in Tanzania, Womens Retreats and Spiritual Retreats for Women and Men in Arusha are fabulous, join Us!

Bring along a friend and introduce them to a journey of body-spirit connectedness!

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