Our Men and Womens Retreats and Luxury Spiritual Retreats for Women and Men are Designed to Bring You into the Moment, Celebrating the Power of Your Body and Breath.

Week long Womens Retreats, luxury vacations, and luxury retreats can seem like a far fetched fantasy. Most of us go on a vacation and come back more exhausted and frustrated then when we left because we never got quality time for ourselves. Our yoga retreats and vacations are designed to keep you away from your depleting patterns, to bring you into the moment, celebrating the power of your body and breath.

Although our retreats appear to be primarily a womens retreats, we often have spouses and other men join us who are needing a well deserved break from their stressful lives, taking time out to stretch, re-align and enjoy the company of others.

See what previous Clients and Attendees Say:

“A finely tuned Learn more about our spiritual retreats for women, luxury vacations and womens retreats.knowledge of the human physical body combined with warmth, sensitivity and compassion that reach in and touch the soul – these are the things that make Freedom and Leela’s classes so exceptional. I have participated in three of their yoga retreats in Tanzania and can highly recommend them as teachers.”
– Pat Williamson, Yoga Teacher, Monzi, KZN, South Africa –

“Freedom & Leela are amazing individuals whose teachings vary widely ranging from classical yoga to relating to life in general… I have been on 3 yoga retreats with them and found each one to be life changing. I cannot recommend their teachings highly enough. It was thanks to them that I went on to attend a yoga teacher training course myself.”
– Janice Beatty, Director at African Environments Ltd., Tanzania –

“I attended one of Freedom and Leela’s retreats in May 2011. The insights, techniques and advice they provided during the retreat, and since, have proved invaluable to me in my daily life. They are also a lot of fun to be around!”
– Jo Lofthouse, Global Programme Coordinator at Oxfam Uganda International Trade and Development, Uganda –

“Freedom & Leela have provided our guests with great yoga & meditation classes. They are humorous and very personable while achieving good results. Their music is inspiring & Leela’s voice is enchanting.”
– Tim Leach, Director, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge Ltd.,Tanzania –

“Freedom and Leela are the greatest! I’ve had the extreme pleasure of knowing them over 10 years. Everything they do is excellent, which is quite a hard feat to attain. I’ve attended a number of their kirtans and workshops and have hosted them twice at my home in Las Vegas. Oh, what a beautiful experience! Their music is simply gorgeous. They really know how to play and sing to an audience. They always “go the the extra mile” in all that they do. I did a retreat with them in Costa Rica. OMG! They took us to cities, beaches, markets, rainforests and volcanos. They also took us to see special monkeys and iguanas being fed near the sea. Every little detail was handled with excellence, love and care. They led us through beautiful yoga and meditation practices throughout the trip, gave us bodywork (fantastic adjustments by Dr. Freedom) and personally cooked for us, as well. WOW! The food they make is always so tasty and nutritious, too. From omelettes to dal and desserts, its the best! It’s because they give so much of themselves that they are so great. I’d recommend them to lead anything, anytime, and that’s no lie!”
– Linda Drucker, Independent Business, Las Vegas, Nevada –

“Freedom & Leela came to Tarangire Safari Lodge for the first time this year and did wonderful morning yoga sessions with myself, our son and other lodge guests. It was all creative & fun. I sure hope both Freedom & Leela will be able to return for an encore next year. Already looking forward to it! They make a perfect team and I would highly recommend them!”
– Annette Simonson, Lodge Manageress at Tarangire Safari Lodge/Sinyati Ltd., Tanzania –

“I found Freedom and Leela to be fantastic and inspiring people to be around, incredibly positive energy and fun people. They are wise, professional, dedicated, reliable and extremely honest. All in all I highly recommend them. I look forward to the next time we meet. Take care Edward in Costa Rica.”
– Edward Tyrrell, Owner at Blue White Properties, Central American Telecom Services, Costa Rica –

“I have known Dr. Freedom and Leela for over 15 years and their expertise in the fields of Health, Wellness and Yoga is extraordinary. On many occasions I have used their knowledge of Wellness for the benefit of my own health – body, mind and spirit. This is one couple I would want on my wellness Team!”
– Bud Panesar, Owner, Ramara Limited, Kenya –

“It was truly a transformative weekend for me. Freedom and Leela brought new insights to our everyday activities. I got so much out of their understanding of the human body. Their precision in aligning our postures and using masai sticks was a real eye opener. They managed to impart their knowledge to such depths that I feel humbled. Thank you for coming to Nairobi and I hope you will come back and offer your retreat again.”
– Fazilah, Yoga Teacher, Director Holistic Community, Kenya –

“As soon as you meet Freedom and Leela, you already feel the positivity which makes you trust them. They were recommended to me after a car accident I had and my life changed. I was not only healed physically but emotionally they helped my overall wellness. Practicing yoga, talking with them… they have been two of the most influential people in my life. I strongly recommend joining their retreats, they will change your life, as they did mine.”
– Susan Fonseca – Call Center Manager at CRI Online Sales, Costa Rica –

“I hired Freedom and Leela for Yoga and sound therapy – The very first time to sit down with the music and chant, you’ll be connect deeply to the pure land their heart travels often all these years living and teaching. Soon you’ll find your own happiness and bliss that you were too busy to notice….. Playing their CD that “You are the breath” help my yoga students breath so well… ”
– Lisa Yang, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Life Coach, Los Angeles, California –

“I have many more quiet moments now since the retreat. I thank you for our spacious time together, you have helped me make a few adjustments with my relationship to time and space.”
– Elsie, Homeopathic Practitioner, Tanzania –

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with others the wonderful work that you both do. I could not find enough words to describe all the moments, but I have tried to give a glimpse of how you both have been phenomenal in reaching out to my soul. Namaste! Freedom’s, zest for life and energy and Leela’s unconditional love and patience, will change your life!!! It is like looking at life through the eyes of a child that has just been born to this world. It is new every time you see it again. Freedom and Leela have been a huge part of my life for over a decade now, and what a blessing it is. Time spent with them has always been the dawn of positive changes in and around me. They have been constants in my life and not only shared themselves with me, but also with my spouse, children, family and friends. There is never a dull moment with them, other than the love, laughter, light and fun they bring with them, they have also been great life coaches, allowing me to reflect and mirror only that which is authentic. And even though many times, I may have been changing, they remained constant and have never placed any judgement or expectation. In 2002, I had the honor of being party to a workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya. Another positive turning point in my life :)) Whenever we connect, they leave me with many life changing tips preparing me for the next part of my growth. And believe me, there have been loads of those !!! Its always the “one moment” that brings it home and over the years, I have been lucky to have that from Freedom and Leela. Other than life / spirit coaching, they have shared many days of yoga, wellness retreats, amazing music,meditation, the best medical / nutrition advice and recipes to go with it. There is nothing they do not know or work with. What more can one ask for when seeking that life changing experience. The presence of these 2 lovely Beings cannot be described, it needs to be EXPERIENCED…. and first hand at that. If in any way, they have touched your life, then consider yourself lucky. I know that Freedom and Leela are both too humble and modest to accept this, which is what makes me want to shout out to the world even more. It is never about them, they always want to want to add value to your life. Not many people I know, put themselves out so unconditionally and completely. Eternally grateful to you both and looking forward to the next event/s in Nairobi, Kenya.”
– Chuch Panesar, Independent Banking Professional, Kenya –

“I wish I could attend all your retreats and continue practicing with you. I can feel that this is the right thing to do at the moment as the next small step in the right direction.”
– Bernadette – United Nations Lawyer, Cambodia –

Yoga can be part of your luxury retreats, womens retreats, or spiritual retreats for women.

“It was a truly heartwarming and great spiritual retreat, I enjoyed every minute… a precious gift to myself. I feel so uplifted, like a new person. I have not felt this way for a long time. You have the voices of angels, and together bring a sense of joy and peace… Freedom with his infectious smile and ever-present sense of humor, and Leela with her gentle and kind nature. We learnt a lot about our bodies during the yoga sessions, and the importance of how to align ourselves correctly, not only in yoga postures, but also in our daily lives.”
– Isabel Hansen – Owner, Lamu Homes & Safaris Ltd, Kenya –

“I’ve had the pleasure of being worked on by Freedom on several occasions. I’m very active, mostly in the gym and over time I find myself with issues in my back, shoulders, neck, and forearms mostly. This is usually due to lifting a bit too heavy. But I guess I’m a slow learner. I very much appreciate the vast knowledge of Freedom and his big mental toolbox of knowledge. I’ve seen many other therapists but none with the depth of knowledge that Freedom has. He doesn’t just look at the symptom, he figures out the root cause of the issue which could be several steps away. The last time I saw him was a couple of months ago. I was experiencing some neck pain on the left side. After a thorough screening, it was discovered that my hips were torqued on one side causing the compensation all the way up my spine. He gave me 2 stretches and 2 exercises. I’ve been doing them consistently, and it hasn’t come back. I hope more people with take the leap of faith with their health and wellness and hire him so they can be on their way to a pain free existence.”
– Darcy Johnston – Independent Broker, Insurance & Investments, Vancouver, BC, Canada –

“Sound Body Yoga is probably the best yoga I have encountered! For a Kenyan who expects chanting as part of any yoga practice, it was a real awakening of mind and spirit attending this event. Freedom and Leela are such blessed souls whose mere presence in a room inspires your inner conscience to a newer level of simplicity and warmth. You would know by their radiance that they are agents of the highest personal transformation and spiritual awakening.”
– Stephen – SEO Computers, Kenya –

“I can’t put into words the feeling I have, you are wonderful special people and I feel blessed to have met you.”
– Deepa Dosaja – Owner, Vabene Couture, Kenya –

“Loved the yoga retreat. The week helped me a lot to work on my postures. I have appreciated the relaxed way in which you were guiding us, with music and humor.”
– Monique – Personal Business, Tanzania –

“I think about you guys often and as usual so enjoyed your visit and the time you share with us, thank you soooo much. I just love all three CD’s that I got from you, lovely relaxation music.”
– Nonnie – Personal Business, South Africa –

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