Who Participates

HOST or JOIN a Retreat for Self Discovery, Self Development, Self Empowerment or to Increase your Self Awareness.

JOIN a Retreat or HOST a RETREAT in Your AREA IF YOU:

  • Have pondered over questions such as: “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”
  • Are inspired by the idea of discovering Hatha Yoga beyond the physical acts of stretching and asana.
  • Want to practice the art of TRUE Yoga for increased self awareness and self development, the wisdom of 8 paths with practical tools packaged for easier, peaceful living.
  • Are an over-achiever who knows there is something more to life and would like follow a path of self discovery with like-minded, evolved individuals.
  • Are inspired to walk your talk through self development.
  • Are seeking to live impeccably with your words and assumptions.
  • Would like to tap into your authentic self, the one you were when you were born.
  • Are going through a transitional phase in life, or personal growth, and you feel a bit stuck, needing resolutions.
  • Like a similar service and motto that Apple computers offer.
  • Are inspired by talks on TED.com.
  • Are willing and ready to share your inner dialogue and emotions with like-minded individuals and mentors for your emotional well-being and inner and outer growth for self development, self-awareness and self empowerment.

Please DO NOT ATTEND This Retreat IF YOU:

  • Are not ready to be real, authentic with your true self.
  • Have a primary focus to practice mostly physical yoga asanas or to learn advanced yoga postures.
  • Are not looking for a change in your personal, inner growth.
  • Do not want to see life from a completely new perspective.
  • Are afraid to ask yourself the meaningful and difficult questions of life for inner growth, self awareness and self discovery.

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