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Our Wellness Retreat will Help you Make an Extraordinary Life Change.  Its all about Letting Go and becoming your Authentic Self.

Explore our Al La Carte Menu and choose from the various subject materials that you may want to include in your  Wellness Retreat. We can focus on the preferred subjects you may want to be emphasized for your particular client group, after all we are here to help you have an extraordinary life change to help you find your ‘authentic self’.

Al La Carte MENU for Wellness Retreat

Yoga Asanas

  1. 3 LOCKS – 8 PRINCIPLES of Locks – 7 LOOPS of Energy Centers for Yoga Practice – Centering
  2. Killer Legs, Gluteals and Thighs – Awakening the lower Extremity
  3. Abs and Core Integration – A total Abdominal Awakening
  4. Sun and Moon Salutations
  5. Shoulders and Neck Shape Up
  6. Are your Hips and Hamstrings Happy?  Masai Stick – Vertical and Horizontal Alignment
  7. Ten (10) Yoga Poses to Awaken the Core, Heart, Digestive Tract and Adrenals for Life Change
  8. Dynamic Yoga Postures with Sticks – Cardiovascular/ Strengthening and stretching movements for letting go
  9. Side Lying, Prone and Inversion Postures – Surrender to Mother Earth

Interactive Dialogue

  1. Introduction to the world of True Yoga, Mind and Spirit. Defining your personal journey. “How to tap into Impeccable Thoughts and Words that will Improve your Health and Overall Outlook toward Life.” Tap into the feeling of your Authentic Self.
  2. Finding your physical and mental center. The constant practice of accepting all actions without personal judgment and assumptions. Overview of how comprehensive Yoga is a passage of preventing and overcoming dis-ease.
  3. The practice of being heightened with sensual responses, but not being pre-occupied or chronically attached to them. Always coming from the heart center in being and doing ‘your best’.
  4. Interactive Dialogue – “Who Am I?” Questionnaire (Click for Questionnaire, Form 2).
  5. Going beyond your known and learning to live in awareness throughout the day. Maintaining a consistent focused attention of awareness on a single thought or object to manifest the experience.

Meditation, Breathing, Chanting

  1. Chanting – Connecting with the inner voice and creating an authentic sound through chanting, vocalization, breath, sound and spirited mantras – Finding ways to open the heart and letting go.
  2. Pranayama (Breathing) – Dhayana Meditation and Yoga Nidra – using breath to cultivate stillness for life change.
  3. Standing Postures, Vocalizing the Breath with Movement and Mindful Meditations.

Recommended Readings for Retreat:

  • Who am I – by Steven Reiss.
  • The Book of Mirdad – by Mikhail Naimy. “Millions of Spiritual and ‘How to’ books have been written trying to encapsulate our human purpose and existence on earth. Many are written in poetry, parables and abstract ‘out there concepts’. The Book of Mirdad will NOT fail you, if you can get beyond your limited mind and grasp the very essence of it to experience an extraordinary life. If not, it may be one of your biggest failures in life. The honest, authentic deeper wisdom in The Book of Mirdad is more then words and stories, make it your honest companion, your go-to map of life.” – Freedom –

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