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Our Holistic Healing Retreat focuses on Interpersonal Communication, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Pranayama Yoga Breathing Meditations, and Asanas for Self Awareness and Growth.

Please see the following chart and explanation of the breakdown of all components and subjects encompassed during our Holistic Healing Retreat.


Our Holistic Healing retreats involve Yoga Breathing, Pranayama Yoga and alternative nostril breathing.

  1. Thirty-five –  35% Interactive Group Discussions – Interpersonal Communication on self awareness where you may express with the group’s full attention.
  2. Thirty – 30% Yoga Asanas – The practice of physical asanas focused on safe and proper alignment and technique such as: the Sun and Moon Salutation Series; a daily tune up routine; exercises focused on the core; and exercises for strengthening our weaker links and stretching our chronically tight areas.
  3. Ten – 10% Hands-On Demonstrations – Having participants demo demonstrate the proper positioning and techniques for asana, yoga breathing and sitting positions.
  4. Ten – 10% Partner Work – Working on postures by correcting each other as a team and physically doing partner yoga together.
  5. Five – 5% Meditation – Various forms of meditation are used depending on what is needed by the group: silent meditation, Pranayama Yoga meditations, walking meditation, guided meditations, etc.
  6. Five – 5% Breathing – The practice of various Yoga Breathing, Pranayama techniques such as Alternate Nostril Breathing to achieve stillness for holistic healing.
  7. Five – 5% Chanting – Toning, humming, singing, sounding, connecting with the breath, heart and the authentic voice.
  8. Participating in helpful and mutually beneficial discussions together during meals.

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