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As leaders of Health Retreats, we are free to travel anywhere on this beautiful earth and are always looking for a Host group to sponsor or organize affordable spiritual retreats in their local area.   The number of participants at typical  health retreats or a Yoga Retreat can vary, ranging from 10 – 20 like-minded people with a similar interest in Self Growth.

What does hosting Wellness Retreats entail?  You, as the retreat organizer, reserve a location to have the retreat and gather together participants, at least between 10 – 20 pre-paid participants.  Both of us travel internationally on our own cost to be with you and lead the retreat.  You host us, meaning you offer us free room, board and local travel, and we in turn lead the retreat as per your wishes. You and the group choose the topics of what you would want to be emphasized at the retreat, the length of the retreat, scheduling, etc.. The host adds on any costs that would incur on top of our presentation fees.

The advantage of such a retreat is that the local community builds a close knit bond together. They do not have to travel far to get high-quality professional wellness retreats in their home vicinity.  We absolutely love to travel to small, rural communities, remote areas, and to expat communities where something such as this is not available.

  • Are you the axis of  event planning in your area or do you know the key player you could pass this link along to?
  • Do people come to you for creating new and inspiring events?
  • Do you love to make your peers, friends and family feel positive and healthy?
  • Why not get a group together for your next community event, special occasion, birthday gift and host a health retreat or yoga retreat for yourselves.

If you are Hosting a Retreat please see the Retreats Page for the Host Retreat Form to fill out or you may Send us your wishes.

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