Join our Health Retreat and Discover your Life Purpose.  Together we can Redefine the Meaning of Life at our Healing Retreats and Health Retreats.

This Health Retreat is designed with a holistic approach, working gently from the outside body frame to the center of the heart – the centralization of power/spirit. We use concepts, techniques and strategies from various approaches, Eastern and Western, to make you feel empowered and loved. The goal of our healing retreats is to meet your deeper expectation, to feel connected to the miracle called LIFE.

This is not a complicated process, all you need is a little curiosity to begin, a willingness to open the heart mind and body, and with some gentle persistence it will all come to the sum total of feeling better, inside and out, making life an easier flow than that continual struggle.

Our health retreats are designed for continuous, conscious interaction with the body, mind spirit and breath to help clear anxiety and stress, providing a canvass for growth, calmness, health and clarity. The goal is to collectively enter a natural fertile sacred space for new perspectives to nurture and grow, moving to a higher trust which will give more meaning to your life purpose, resulting in a positive, long-term investment into your overall quality of life. The Health Retreat allows you to have the platform to express your thoughts and feelings giving you access to a large part of who you are, which often remains buried. Often we can be fooled by our defense mechanisms which can ‘appear’ to be our authentic feelings, but need to be scrutinized for what they are, behaviors that are covering unconscious early feelings. Many of us can feel stuck, unhappy, or disconnected with some areas of our lives, as with a job, relationships, inner awareness, etc., and without the structure or tools to change these areas we can feel immobilized by unrecognized fears or emotions.

One often uses defenses such as intellectualizing to override anxiety, emotions or feelings of dissatisfaction under the surface. The interactive communication and safe haven at the healing retreat makes it possible for participants to share as a group with others in similar situations. You will realize that sharing is permissible despite the many internal and external voices to the contrary. The inner journey of observing, sharing and supporting alongside other fellow peers daring to breach their defenses and experience the thoughts and feelings underneath the surface at the healing retreat allows you to individually and collectively as a group to understand and get in touch with ‘Your Authentic Self’. We all get it together which is a magical experience.

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