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Join our Interactive Yoga Meditation Group Retreats for Emotional Healing, Emotional Health and Body Mind Spirit Balance.

As retreat leaders and facilitators we travel to multi-locations where we are hosted to conduct our Group Retreats. Our typical retreat locations are in North America, Vancouver, BC, Canada; Central America; and Africa.

The group retreats we offer are best experienced in natural surroundings in the tropics. The rising sun, with early morning birds singing in the trees, and monkeys playfully trapeezing from branch to branch can easily help erase the negative nagging thoughts you can often experience.  As you sit still observing this beautiful play of nature, you can easily follow the rhythmic ebb and flow of your breath.

The group retreats consist of mind body spirit practices, yoga meditation and interactive dialogue for emotional healing and emotional health. Connecting with your ‘authentic self’ is our focus. Our group retreats are designed for you to take time away from ‘work’ or a ‘job’.  The retreats can be ideal for executives, couples to reconnect with themselves and their partner, or for mothers who manage a household. Everyone needs to take a break now and then for inner reflection in nature, to enjoy themselves, play again, for a mind body spirit balance, emotional health and at the same time to tone the body. A retreat or safari can be that perfect place to re-connect with your sacred self.

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