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Sound Body Yoga is a premier Corporate Yoga Retreat planner for many corporations and companies. This is a fantastic way for fatigued employees to chill out and invigorate their creative juices. We pick pristine lodges and homes where the location is tranquil, and the food is nourishing, and absolutely delicious. If your company, corporation or a group is looking for that special Corporate Yoga retreat to rekindle group energy and commoradery then please drop us a line. We will design that perfect Yoga Retreat in Vancouver or BC or your choice location with all your wishes in mind.

Here are 5 simple reasons why  Corporate Management and your company staff need to host a Corporate Yoga Retreat in Vancouver or your choice location.

The group will be:

  1. De-stressed
  2. Motivated to do more
  3. Healthier to function at their optimum levels
  4. More harmonious to co-workers
  5. Able to generate more income for the Corporation

Let us make your corporate staff feel alive and empowered again!  There are no gimmicks or risks. We offer an honest, straightforward approach to wellness and optimum balance.

Corporate Yoga Vancouver, Corporate Retreats, Yoga Vancouver and Yoga Retreats Canada are all very popular choices.

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