Tanzania Yoga Retreats and Safari Holidays – Optimum Pain Free and Joyful Living!

Contact us for our 2016  Wellness Safari Retreat in Tanzania and Kenya.

If you have a group of like minded individuals in your community and would like to Host your own Wellness Safari Holiday Retreat in Tanzania,  Find out More. We have been offering retreats in Africa for over a decade.

Tarangire Sari Wellness Retreat 2013

Tarangire Safari Wellness Retreat 2013


Arusha Tanzania Wellness Retreat 2013
Arusha Tanzania Wellness Retreat 2013

Why join our Personal Wellness Health Retreats?

  • To create a permanent shift in the way you think about yourself and the world around you.
  • To generate heightened health  so that the body moves freely and aligned in the Golden Years of life.
  • To redesign a positive template for what is possible, aging without discomfort and pain.

Spiritual Retreats- Yoga Retreats Freedom-and-Leela

What will Dr. Freedom and Leela, as your Wellness Safari Retreat Leaders, do for You?

  • Enhance your skills of interpersonal communication with your ‘authentic self’ and others.
  • Reconnect you with your natural body freedom.
  • Create a positive permanent shift in the quality of daily living.

You work hard, you’re always on the go. It’s high time you give yourself that well-deserved break to refocus on your personal Health-Wellness balance.

We do not operate a retreat center, but devote our energy to hosting retreats in Vancouver BC for a group of 8 or more over a 3 day weekend. We also travel to  multiple locations, offering a one-of-a-kind retreat specifically for the host group. As retreat leaders, we customize and design each retreat to your personal needs.

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Download Freedom and Leela’s Yoga Music, Gurbani Kirtan, Sanskrit Mantras and Chants

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