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Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela adapt an individual personalized strategy to all Sikh Weddings they officiate in Toronto GTA, Brampton, Vancouver, and North America. They take great care, treating each couple as if they were their own children, sharing words of every day down to earth insight and tips for a solid marriage. They have direct involvement in Destination Punjabi Weddings in Toronto GTA and North America. Being a multi-racial couple they have an unmistakable comprehension of how to manage the nuances and progression of both conventional and interfaith Indian wedding couples and families.

Dr. Singh and Leela have a profound enthusiasm for singing Gurbani Kirtan and have been imparting their beautiful voices at Sikh Weddings in Toronto, North America, Africa, and the Caribbean as far back as twenty years.​ You will value their mastery and energy conveyed to the Sikh Wedding Ceremony, preserving all the required traditional Sikh Punjabi Wedding conventions with their mindful, adaptable, kind, and caring disposition​.

When they are not at weddings, they enjoy the natural energy of Canada which rejuvenates​ and nourish​es their souls so they ​can keep on offering an​ understanding and ​loving​ Sikh ​Ceremony​.

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Having conducted hundreds of weddings they realized that experiencing an Anand Karaj outside a Gurudwara in a natural surroundings made a deeper, more heartfelt connection for all attendees and have made their life-long commitment to share this phenomenal experience with like-minded individuals.

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